Who is your typical client?

We serve young professionals motivated to make a change with their finances. Many of our clients feel overwhelmed or lost when it comes to money matters. Some admit they "zone out" when it comes to money. Our clients are looking for an objective adviser to help them avoid common mistakes and make smart financial decisions. 

Is there an account minimum?

Not at all. We believe that financial planning should be accessible to everyone, regardless of net worth. In fact, the people who think they can't afford a financial planner are those who stand to benefit the most from sound financial advice. 

No seriously, I don't have a lot of money. Why do I need financial planning?

That's where we can help! Think of us more like your financial coach. Whereas a financial advisor manages wealth you've already built, a financial coach will help you build wealth. We focus on issues such as budgeting, debt, saving, credit, paying for college, taking advantage of tax-advantage accounts and living within your means. We're here to help you not be a slave to money and start living life on your own terms. 

Can't I do this myself?

Of course you can. But first, consider the risks. The idea of DIY sounds wonderful, until you're left with empty bottles of spray paint and a patio chair that still doesn't function, or you're left with a toilet that leaks more than before you tried to fix it and decide it's time to call a plumber. A botched DIY patio chair can always be thrown out and a new one can be bought. In a few hours, a plumber can (usually) fix the situation. Some financial blunders occur over time and once discovered, the fix may not be as simple or immediate. With our financial planning services, we examine your entire financial situation, identify exposure to financial risks, and provide recommendations to best achieve your goals and objectives.

How are you paid?

Our business model is called "fee-only." This means we do not accept commission based on product sales, so you don't need to worry about conflicts of interest. Instead, we are paid only by our clients, either for financial planning services (monthly fee) or for investment advisory services (based off a percentage of invested assets).