Our mission is to empower millennials to feel confident in their financial narrative.  

It can be daunting trying to DIY your financial future. The number of "I honestly have no idea where my money goes" and "what should I be doing with my money?" conversations I've had with friends over the years have been concerning and continues to increase. Over the past decade, I've worked alongside high net worth individuals in the financial services industry, helping preserve their wealth. Now, it's time for me to use my experience and skills so that a younger generation can build wealth.  


I want my peers to feel


My peers deserve to:

  • Have a financial coach that gives guidance and holds them accountable to achieve their goals
  • Stop feeling helpless when it comes to their finances
  • Access similar financial planning resources as the clients I have worked with, regardless of their net worth
  • Trust that their financial advisor isn't trying to sell them high-fee or commission-based financial products
  • Have someone that can explain complex financial topics in plain English (or with pop-culture analogies)



...And that's how Narrative Financial began.

  Founder of Narrative Financial

Founder of Narrative Financial


About ME //

Before launching Narrative Financial, I served as the Director of Global Operations for a leading indexing firm. (Indexes are what ETFs are designed to track. And ETFs are certain investments that will be in your customized portfolio.) Prior to that, I was a Senior Equity Research Associate analyzing energy midstream companies (translation: I told clients which stocks to buy and sell). I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Masters in Professional Accounting and Bachelors in Business Administration from the McCombs School of Business. I am also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a CFP® practitioner.


On a personal note //

When I'm not drafting financial plans, you'll find me in my kitchen cooking (semi-updated blog: Tablespoon Of Salt), sweating at GRIT Fitness, teaching life skills at Our Friends Place through the Junior League of Dallas, or trying to purge my husband's free pen collection. I also have a corgi named Bruno who sings.


Enough about me. I'm interested in hearing your story. Let's meet!