Strategic Planning Session


This session is designed to answer 1 to 2 of your most pressing financial questions. Popular topics include: setting up and selecting investments in a 401k, consolidating retirement accounts, or balancing daily spending with long-term goals (student debt reduction, child's education, etc).



75-minute strategy session (in person, Skype, or phone), e-mail summary and recommended action plan 


one-time fee


Comprehensive Financial Planning


We create a financial plan incorporating all aspects of your financial story, focusing on relevant areas such as cash flow management (budget), debt reduction, retirement planning, savings, life insurance, and other major areas. We listen to what goals are most important and build a plan that works for you. 



2-5 month engagement, full review of financial situation, goals-based financial plan, action items, and implementation


initial FEE

(based on complexity)

+ $85/month

(TYPICALLY 2-5 months to "get everything in order")


Investment Advisory Services


We can manage your individual and joint taxable accounts, Traditional or Roth IRAs, 401k rollovers, and SEP IRAs (self-employed) through secure, user-friendly technology. Access to low-cost, liquid, and globally diversified portfolios. No commissions, trading costs, or hidden fees. No minimum balance necessary.



Personalized portfolio construction, implementation, and continuous monitoring


annual fee based on assets