3 TED Talks That Will Make You Look at Money Differently

With "Learner" as one of my top five strengths according to Clifton's Strengthfinder, I always have a renewed sense of energy and feel more motivated after watching a TED talk. Instead of spending 20 minutes (or an hour....) on your social media feed tonight, why not watch one of these three TED talks that will make you reconsider the way you're spending, saving, or viewing money differently. 

Graham Hill: Less Stuff, More Happiness. Did you know that the US storage industry is a $22 billion/year business, with over 2.2 billion square feet of storage space? Hill's sub-6 minute talk on how "less is more" highlights how buying less things keeps you from spending money unnecessarily, but can also improve your happiness. Hill three actionable steps include ruthlessly editing your possessions, thinking small, and using items that are multi-functional. 

Alexa Von Tobel: One Life-Changing Class You Never Took. If you need a wake-up call of what the impact of not having enough financial literacy can look like, listen to von Tobel's raw 11-minute talk. Because financial education is not taught in schools, many Americans make their financial decisions through "trial and error." The domino effect of poor habits results in many Americans not having an emergency fund, not saving enough for retirement, or amassing too much debt. In her talk, von Tobel also gives her "5 Money Principles to Live By."

Adam Baker: Sell Your Crap. Pay Your Debt. Do What You Love. What does freedom look like in your life? In this 19-minute talk, Baker shares his own journey that began with thousands of dollars of debt, and ends with him being in control of his spending and being able to travel abroad as a family. Baker is an example of what can happen when you approach your finances with a different mindset.