Be a Cash Back Ninja This Holiday Season

Whether you are shopping online or in the store this holiday season, here are some (nearly) effortless ways to save a little money:

Cash Back Websites
I've been a loyal customer of eBates, a cash back website, for over 4 years now and have collected over $650 in cash back rewards!! 

Here's how it works: before you buy anything online, go to and type in the website/store name. 90% of the time, the site/store is in their database and it'll show you how much cash back you can get, which ranges from 1% to 20% (the most I've gotten). Click on the store name, then the eBates button, and it'll redirect you to your store's website and track your purchase at check-out. That's it, nothing to fill out or submit. Every quarter they'll send you a check with your total cash back amount. I've gotten cash back from places like Amazon, Groupon, Petsmart (order online and pick up in store!), Sephora, Foot Locker, Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond (wedding gifts anyone?), and online booking websites like,, Expedia, etc. 

If you use my referral link, you'll get $10 at sign up. I love eBates, but here's also a list of other cash back websites

Discounted Gift Cards
Before you buy something online or head to a store, see if you can buy a discounted gift card from or Gift Card Granny, which consolidates multiple discounted gift card sites into one. Be sure to read the fine print, however. Some cards can only be used online and others only in stores. Standard discounts range from 4%-12%. 

**Expert Level = Stacking** 
Compound your savings by using eBates and then paying with a discounted gift card at check out. #doublesavings